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Dental Treatment for Children

If your child is covered for general dental under your private health fund, you will never pay a gap for their check-up and clean appointments with us!

As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of the dental and general health of our children and the need to ensure their visits to the dentist are a positive, enjoyable experience. That’s why we have given great thought to the patient experience from not only an adult’s point of view, but also a child’s. Our friendly and understanding team take the time to make sure our young patients are comfortable and informed at all times. Your children will love coming to see us! And with NO GAP check-up and clean appointments, you will too.

If your child is covered for general dental under your private health fund, you will never pay a gap for their check-up and clean appointments with us!  And… We BULK BILL dental treatment for children eligible under Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS). 

What age should I bring my child?

We like to start seeing children from the age of 2 or as soon as teeth start to erupt.  At their first initial appointment, we will take them for a ride in the dental chair, count their teeth, visually inspect teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy, and assess the risk of tooth decay.

Keeping their first appointment short and making it a fun experience will help children to become familiar with our environment from a young age, and see that it is not a scary place!  Morning visits are preferred for young children as we find they are generally more alert and therefore more cooperative at this time of the day. Morning appointments also minimise the chance of them worrying about the imminent dentist visit throughout the day.

How often should my child visit?

The same as adults, we recommend children visit us every 6 months for a general check and clean. Regular visits every 6 months helps us to detect any issues before they develop too far, whilst also ensuring children are maintaining their oral hygiene correctly.

How should I prepare my child for a dental visit?

The more information children have, the more they worry! Therefore we recommend you keep the details of the proposed treatment – such as the word ‘needles’ to a minimum (because we use sleepy juice!). During the appointment, we will take the time to explain anything they need to know in a caring manner, to help them feel at ease.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a dental benefits program for eligible children aged 2–17 years that provides up to $1,013 in benefits over two years to the child for basic dental services.

Benefits for basic dental services are capped at $1,013 per child over 2 consecutive calendar years.

If you do not use all of your $1,013 benefit in the first year of eligibility, you can use it in the second year if you are still eligible. Any remaining balance will not be carried forward at the end of the second year.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule services will not count towards the Medicare Safety Net or the Extended Medicare Safety Net thresholds.

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