Our dentists believe in spending time discussing your dental expectations, experiences, needs and concerns, in order to understand you as an individual patient.

At your initial consultation, your dentist will carry out a comprehensive examination of your teeth, jaws and the soft tissues inside and outside of your mouth. The current condition of your teeth will be carefully examined and charted, including existing fillings and the presence of plaque, decay and periodontal disease. To complete this process, x-rays may need to obtain important information that is not visible to the eye alone such as decay inside or between your teeth, root positions and bone loss.

To assist with treatment planning our practice uses State-of-the-art technology, including:

  • Digital, high definition x-ray machines, used to take bitewing x-rays, periapical x-rays and OPG (full mouth) x-rays on site.
  • Intra-oral digital cameras, allowing you to view your teeth on a large TV screen during your consultation, to better understand your dental condition and treatment recommendations.
  • Diagnodent laser cavity finder- a fluorescent laser ‘pen’ that finds cavities located beneath the tooth surface.

Following your comprehensive examination, your dentist will tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs, expectations and budget. By the end of your visit, you will understand what dental treatment is required, how long it will take and the costs that are involved.

​To assist our patients in keeping up with regular dental check-ups, our practice offers GAP FREE check-up and clean appointments (including x-rays) to all patients with private health insurance, or just $95 for patients without health insurance.