Teeth are one of the most precious assets you will ever have. As such, mouthguards are a necessary accessory for anyone, young or old, that plays ball or contact sports.  Without the protection of a mouthguard, the impact from a strike to the mouth area can cause broken or lost teeth, most likely resulting in pain, discomfort and costly dental treatment.

Although you can purchase mouthguards from many retail outlets, they are often of an inferior thickness and therefore not as protective as a custom made guard. Mouthguards need to be at least 2mm thick for proper protection, a requirement that most products available from chemists and other retailers do not meet. Mouthguards purchased direct from retailers also require you to create your own mouthguard mould. Without the professional knowledge of the mouth’s structure, you run the risk of not shaping the mouthguard correctly, therefore not sufficiently protecting your teeth.

We have a wide range of mouthguard colours available for you to choose from; you can even select your sports team colours by combining up to three colours.

So how important is wearing a mouthguard really..? See here!

High risk sports requiring the use of a mouthguard


Rugby is a high risk sport when it comes to the loss or breakage of teeth and other injuries. It is highly advisable to wear a mouthguard at all times when playing rugby.


Our dentists have witnessed a huge number of hockey sticks to the head resulting in teeth damage which could have been prevented by the use of a mouthguard.


You may not think that basketball would be a high risk sport when it comes to the loss or breakage of teeth, but it is! A ball to the head, or elbows and arms (which often defend around the head area) can result in blows to the mouth region. If you play basketball, ensure you get a mouthguard today!


Whilst soccer mainly involves your feet, soccer balls straight to the head can result in damage to the teeth, therefore mouthguards are highly recommended in this sport.


In Victoria if you play Australian Rules Football without a mouthguard you are not covered by the club’s insurance. Whilst this isn’t in effect in Queensland, there is a very good reason for this rule. Mouthguards are a must for AFL players.

Martial Arts

Whether you enjoy TaeKwon-Do, karate or another martial art form, wearing a mouthguard during both training and meets is highly advisable.


Having a mouthguard if you are a boxer is absolutely essential.