Emergency dentist appointments Sunshine Coast

During business hours

Each day we reserve emergency appointments during usual business hours, for emergencies such as toothaches and broken teeth.

After business hours

We are totally understanding of the fact that accidents can happen at any time and pain can become unbearable at the strangest of hours, or generally during the holiday period! That’s why we offer a 24/7 emergency service for our patients outside of normal business hours, providing urgent dental care it is needed most.

Same day emergency dental work
Same day emergency dental work

As seen in the above photos this was one of our patients who fell off his scooter. Dr Chris Patel is highly experienced with treating emergencies such as this, and as you can see he put this patient back together with minimal damage and the patient healed extremely well.

To contact us after hours, please call: 0437 812 815

Please note, our after hours service is available for patients of our practice only.

Please also note that should you require emergency treatment outside of normal business hours, a call out fee will apply and medical rebates may not apply. However we urge you to contact us so we can assist you to evaluate the urgency of care. In some cases, if patients receive treatment within one hour of accidents, loss of teeth or cosmetic damage can be avoided.