Infection control procedures

Infection control procedures are precautions taken in healthcare settings to prevent the spread of disease. Infection control focuses on limiting or controlling the factors that influence the transmission of infection, or that contribute to the spread of microorganisms.

Budi Dental is committed to implementing infection control systems to prevent and manage healthcare associated infections. Dental practitioners and practice staff apply these systems to prevent patients and healthcare workers from acquiring preventable healthcare associated infections, and effectively manage infections should they occur.

Staff at Budi Dental provide and maintain an environment for patient care committed to the prevention of healthcare associated infections. Our policies and procedures comply with the following Standards and Guidelines:

  • ​NMHRC Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2010)
  • Australian dental Association Guidelines for Infection control 2012
  • Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease Infection Control Guidelines Dec. 2007
  • AS and NZS Standards 4815 and 4187
  • Dental Board of Australia Infection Control Checklist

Your well being is important to us, therefore Budi Dental is committed to the stringent implementation of our dedicated Infection Control Policy and Procedure Manual. The techniques and routine work practices outlined within this manual are used to reduce the number of infectious agents in the dental practice environment, to prevent or reduce the likelihood of transmission of these infectious agents from one person, item or location to another, and to make and maintain items and areas free as possible from infectious agents.

Each member of our team receives supervised training in all protocols and procedures and adheres to these protocols at all times.

We care about our personal safety and our patients safety, and we work hard to prevent the spread of infection.